Drawing Prompt 1 (Zinc & Line)

The first task

Oh well, this was quite exciting! The first prompt from my handmade drawing prompt book! Because I glued the pages together on the wrong side (stupid!) the last words are now at the front: zinc and line.

The process of finding a good idea

Before I talk about my thought process you have to know that we have a German word for line which is Linie, but we also have the word Line, that’s pronounced like the English word and which in most cases means ‘a line of cocaine’. With Linie we usually mean a long mark on some surface or a row or something like that.

Okay, now that this is off the table, let’s move on. At first I thought about ideas including the German translation of line (Linie). My Google research about zinc taught me that this element’s main purpose is corrosion control. Zzz… so boring! Most of the Google pictures showed the element zinc itself or watering cans. So I drew a person watering flowers that were arranged in a wavy line. But come on, that was just too easy and super dumb. Kasey always says in her videos that she doesn’t want to draw the most obvious things and that the prompts are supposed to push her to come up with original ideas.

My second idea was to create a character that’s made out of zinc, because I thought this would look very cool. Unfortunately I didn’t know how to incorporate the line there.

Wow, my sketches look very glamorous, aren’t they?
Also the paper buckled super much on the first page,
because it’s right behind the page I glued to the cover….
whatever, who cares? 

Now there’s the plot twist. I thought, hey, we also have the word Line in German – maybe I can do something with that?! My brain immediately made a compound word out of zinc and line after this idea popped up in my head. I thought, hmm – who would be able to snort a zinc line or who would have fun doing so? Of course! Robo-junkies! I found this idea very funny, because you can play around with how to show human emotions through technical features, e.g. little flashlights and such. I imagine those robo-buddies that are tired of their drying work trying to bring some variety into their life. But please, don’t try this at home, my young friends!


I’m pretty happy with the idea, but I definitely want to improve my drawing style for those kinds of illustrations. Also I’m proud that I did a full background for this piece.

Art supplies used

  • Canson Montval 300 gsm
  • Prismacolor Col-Erase Light Blue
  • White Nights Watercolors
  • Copic Multiliner 0.3 (black)
  • Staedtler Fineliner 0.05 (black)
  • Polychromos (for some outlines and details)