Illustration eines im Bett lesenden Mädchens, um sie herum lauter Bücherstapel

Dry techniques

For my drawings I mostly use markers and colored pencils. Drawings that were made with alcohol-based markers are very even and vibrant. There are so many different colors available that I can create an ulimited number of shades and tones. Furthermore marker groundings go perfectly with detailed pencil shades. In this way you get very saturated eye-catching illustrations.

Wet techniques

For my paintings I use watercolors and gouache, but also acrylics. With watercolor you can create pretty effects. For example, the wet-in-wet technique allows you to let different colors flow into each other and to create different blends, fringes and shapes. The combination with other materials is possible, too. Sometimes I even use silver metallic acrylics for special effects and a nice finish.

If you want to comission something, please send me an e-mail including your ideas and expectations. I would love to send you a free proposal. The price depends on size, amount of details and theme.




Colored Pencils