Handcarved Stamps

Personalised handcarved stamps are a very special gift. There are no limits to the imagination – lettering, illustrated images, background stamps and much more is possible. I use blue stamp rubber and linoleum carving tools to make my stamps.

Note that particularly detailed illustrations are only possible on larger stamps, because I can’t create infinitely thin lines with the tool. The price per stamp depends on the size and the level of detail. It is composed of the time spent on the creation of the image and the carving itself. I also offer to carve designs that already exist. The price agreement is made individually.

Stamps up to 5×10 cm can be ordered with a wooden handle. In addition, the stamps will be shipped “used”, because test prints are important to identify and remove the smallest residues. A test print is included with the shipment.

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Handcarved stamps of different cartoony birds. Printed on colorful paper.

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