Hi! I’m Laura, and on this page you get to know me a little better.

I’m a freelance illustrator and artist with a penchant for fantastic and surreal elements. My greatest inspiration source is nature. Experimenting with different materials and combinining them brings me a lot of joy, too. I especially love working with alcohol-based markers, colored pencils and watercolor. From time to time I also use gouache and acrylics. Recently I discovered digital painting as a new  medium. Sometimes I play with adding little pieces of handlettering to my work. Apart from drawing and painting I also design greeting cards for different occasions and stamps, that I carve by myself. I also love to create repeating survace patterns, e.g. for textiles and home decoration. You can find products with my designs on them in my RedBubble-Shop.

Since 2016 I’m an active member of the Berlin sketch community. I joined the Sketch Together Meetup and attend other sketching events on a regular basis.