Food Label Design

Labels for Homemade Cherry Wine

With my partner I produced two batches of cherry wine already. We made it from homegrown cherries provided by friends and family. The first batch was a mix of sweet and sour cherries (those are the lighter bottles),For the second batch we used only sour cherries(the darker ones). In total, we produced around 20 liters of wine, which we filled into 1l bottles. Of course, I had to design some labels for them.

You can see the wine labels here. I also included an image of the work in progress for the first labels, which I painted by hand. I scanned the drawings and arranged the cherries digitally.

You’d like me to design some custom wine labels for you?

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Labels for Homemade Kimchi

In January 2021, I made my own kimchi for the first time (I used red cabbage instead of the traditional Chinese cabbage). We were in the middle of the second strict lockdown and at some point, boredom settled in. So I started to look  for new hobbies.

We all need to eat and the restaurants are closed as well, so the logical conclusion was to produce your own food. And that’s how I became interested in fermenting.

The living room was smelling funny for a few days, but apart from that, everything went quite well. Out of one large red cabbage head I produced three large and three medium-sized jars of red cabbage kimchi – enough to justify the creation of another food label design. Because of the different sizes and shapes of the jars, I had to make sure that the label is easily adjustable. That’s why I went with a seamless pattern of the ingredients.

During the creative process I have created more food patterns, which can be used for other purposes, for example on kitchen aprons or other textiles.

You’d like me to design some custom food labels for you?

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