Mascot for a jam manufactory

Marmeladenherz, a jam manufacturer that produces wonderfully delicious and unusual jams, commissioned me to create their mascot. The name was already set with “Marmelata” and there were also a few specifications, such as the corporate colors. Marmelata should look cute and friendly. So exactly my cup of tea!

Besides the initial design, I also created 4 illustrations that are used on the website and other promotional materials. In this project I was given plenty of freedom and was encouraged to bring in my own ideas.

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Insights into the Process & Communication

To give you an example of how I communicate with my clients and how the whole process works I have documented the individual steps here. I hope this helps you to evaluate whether you would to work with me.

1. Designing the Face

First, the initial design of Marmelata had to be created. I already knew which colors to use and that Marmelata should be a jam jar with a face, arms and legs. The first thing to figure out was what position the face should be in and how the eyes should look like. To find out what we both, the client and myself, like the most, I created several options and highlighted my favorite with a little star.

2. Designing Hands and Feet

Along with the first designs above, I also sent the customer ideas for hands and feet. My own favorite from the options above served as a basis for this.

3. Decorative Elements and Final Choice of Face

The customer first decided on the stick hands (2 & 4) and the shoes from sketch 1. We just made the latter a little less clunky and added a bow. The client could not decide between two options for the eyes and we still wanted to find a decorative element for the forehead. So I combined different options and sent more sketches over.

4. The Final Design

In the end, the client decided on the eyes of the first row, to include cheeks and to add the heart as an ornament on the forehead. She also changed her mind about the hands and chose the white chubby fingers after all. Here is the final design of Marmelata:

5. More Illustrations of Marmelata in Action

Initially, four more illustrations were to be created. At the beginning, however, it was not clear which ones they should be. The client gave me some examples and I brought in some more ideas. She finally decided on the following themes:

  • Marmelata handing over a gift (for vouchers or special promotions)
  • Christmas Marmelata (the concrete motif remained open)
  • Marmelata running away, a hand wants to grab her because she is so delicious
  • Marmelata hugging the founder and the manager (who are mother and daughter)

You can already find the finished illustrations above. Here I show you a few more sketches that I sent to the client for approval or to choose from different options. In two cases the first idea was accepted. Once it even came to an extension of the commission. Since the basic design of Marmelata was already finished, not much further communication was necessary.

Three sketches of Marmelata holding a present. The client chose the first option.

The client was happy with this initial sketch.

Originally, only one Christmas design was to be created. However, the client liked all three of these designs, which is why she then commissioned three Christmas themed illustrations after all.

We both could not decide which version of these two we like better. Therefore, I have gifted the customer one of them as a bonus 😉

Do you also need illustrations for your website or promotional materials?

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